Becoming a surrogate is one of the greatest gifts you can give to those unable to carry a baby themselves.

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You will help couples  and individuals fulfill their dream of creating their own family and change their lives forever.

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We look forward to working together with you to help your family grow!

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About us

IVY Surrogacy is a third party

reproductive agency for parents all over the world seeking helps to create their families. At IVY Surrogacy, we believe the exceptional services come from dedicated passion, endless efforts and extensive experience. The strong medical background of the founders of IVY Surrogacy equipped us with professionality when we are communicating with IPs and surrogate mothers. Before the establishment of the company, we have had years of experience working with IVF clinics and are familiar with the process of surrogacy tip to toe. This not only puts us at the pole position when we start our surrogacy service, more importantly, it gives our IPs and surrogate mothers confidence and comfortableness to strive with us to tackle all the challenges in the journey of bringing a complete family to the IPs. Our entire team is also here

committed a 24/7 service for our IPs and surrogate mothers, for all the questions and concerns, anxieties and worries.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you are a warm-hearted mother who is willing to build up a family for the people having difficulty to achieve the goal by themselves. We are here to do our best to make surrogacy an amazing voyage for everyone working with us.